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The complete and innovative product range offered by Pneumax offers intelligent solutions to all application problems. Beginning with air preparation units, moving on to air management devices such as manual and solenoid operated valves and finally through to actuators, cylinders and handling equipment; Pneumax can always offer the right product.

The range is complemented by the most advanced electronic components, in the form of serial communication modules, which can be integrated, with most ranges of valves, helping reduce and optimise wiring procedures. Accessories, such as fittings, cylinder mountings, sensors, flow regulators, check valves, timers, pressure boosters, etc. complete the range. Special care has been taken in the design and manufacturing of the latest series of products; by selecting innovative and technologically advanced materials, high performance and long life are guaranteed.

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Mechanical and manual valves

Mechanical and manual command valves 100 series
Mechanical and manual command valves 200 series
Pneumatic command valves

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Pneumatic and solenoid valves

Direct operated solenoid valves, 300 Series
Solenoid valves, 400 Series
Solenoid valves, 500 Series «NAMUR»
Valves and solenoid valves, 700/800 Series
Distributors and electrodistributors

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Air service units

Electronic proportional regulators
Miniaturized proportional regulators
Pressure boosters
Air service units series AIRPLUS

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Special performance microcylinders
Hydro-Pneumatic cylinders
Compact cylinders
Hydraulic speed controll check cylinders

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Guided compact cylinder
Pneumatic grippers
Rotary actuators
Guide cylinders
Twin rod slide units

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Magnetic sensors REED type
Magnetic sensors Hall effect
Miniaturized magnetic sensors
Position transducers

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