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Established in 1941, ELESA is the international reference for standard components destined for the mechanical, machinery and industrial equipment sectors. All standard products in the ELESA range are subjected to mechanical, physical, chemical and durability testing in order to provide correct and reliable technical data.

Products range

Operating elements
Spoked handwheels
Solid handwheels
Arm handwheels
Crank handles

Elesa Prodotti Volantini di manovra

Clamping knobs
Lobe knobs

Elesa Prodotti Manopole di serraggio

Clamping levers
Adjustable handles
Lever handles

Elesa Prodotti Maniglie di serraggio

Lift and pull handles
Bridge handles
Flush pull handles
Tubular handles

Elesa Prodotti Maniglie

Fixed and revolving handles
Fixed handles
Revolving handles
Fold-away handles

Elesa Prodotti Impugnature

Control elements
Control knobs
Control levers

Elesa Prodotti Elementi di regolazione

Position indicators
Gravity indicators
Positive drive indicators
Direct drive indicators
Handwheels with indicator

Elesa Prodotti Indicatori di posizione

Indexing and positioning elements
Indexing plungers
Lock pins
Spring plungers

Elesa Prodotti Elementi di posizionamento

Machine elements
Grub-screws, thrust pads, ring washers
Locking elements
Vibration-damping elements
Transfer units
Transmission elements

Elesa Prodotti Elementi meccanici

Levelling elements and supports
Levelling elements
Bearing end caps
Connecting clamps
Supports and guides

Elesa Prodotti Elementi di livellamento e sostegno

Hinges and connections
Plastic hinges
Metal hinges
Connecting angles

Elesa Prodotti Cerniere e supporti

Latches with knob
Snap locks
Latches with key
Hook clamps
Toggle clamps

Elesa Prodotti Chiusure

Accessories for hydraulic systems
Breather caps
Level indicators
Column level indicators
Flow indicators
Rapid levels

Elesa Prodotti Accessori per oleodinamica

Castors and Wheels
Injected polyurethane wheels
Technopolymer wheels
Rubber wheels
Duroplast wheels

Elesa Prodotti Ruote industriali

Connecting clamps
Connecting clamps for tubes
Tubes and accessories
Linear actuators and clamp connectors

Elesa Prodotti Morsetti di collegamento

Handles for special applications
Handles for instruments and equipment
Handles for machines and protections
Stainless steel handles
CLEAN handles for medical and food processing equipment

Elesa Prodotti Maniglieria per applicazioni speciali

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