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Torque limiters

ComInTec torque limiters (safety couplings) are mechanical components necessary to fit along the kinematic chain and are preferred to electronic safety devices because of a better response time, improved reliability, excellent configuration flexibility, easy fitting and adjustment, use at high speeds in hard environments in the presence of inertias and important masses.

In fact the electronic systems, which normally act up to the transmission, present: delayed reaction time, many factors as a source of error, configuration and management complexity.

Products range
“DF”: Simple, economical and suitable for dry and dusty conditions.
“EDF/F”: Compact and low cost ball version available with sprocket or flange.
“DSS or DSR”: High stability and re-synchronising in various positions. Full range of mounting options available.
“DSS/SG”:  Allows immediate disconnection without any residual torque remaining.
“DSA”: Suitable for limiting compression and tension forces on crank mechanisms.
“AP”: Possibility of varying the transmission torque during operation allowing for full disengagement with free rotation.

Pneumatic clutches

A friction clutch or roller with torque adjustment even during operation. Ability to disengage the drive and driven by pneumatic or electrical impulse. Low residual torque after disengagement. Calibration adjustable by changing the pressure (pneumatic) air supply.

Simple and precise calibration.
Transmission engagement / disengagement and torque limiter functions.
Reliability and repetitiveness of the calibration torque.
Torque variation whilst in motion, by pressure regulation.
Free rotation after the disengagement through a complete disconnection between the parts.
Low residual torque on disconnected parts.
Models available only with finished bore.

Products range
Roller phase pneumatic clutch ‘DSR/F/AP’
Friction pneumatic clutch ‘DSF/TF/AP’

Elastic and rigid couplings
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The aim of the flexible coupling is to transfer motion between two shafts on the same axis whilst accounting for possible misalignments.
We have various styles of flexible couplings suitable for a wide range of applications.
The quality of the materials used, the careful design and the precision in manufacturing ensure long lasting high performance, safety and reliability for even the most complex applications.

Available in fully turned steel.
Good reliability.
Different customization possibilities.
Wide selection.
Highly accurate manufacturing.
Optimum protection against environmental conditions.
Competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.
“Made in Italy” with certified quality.

Couplings with spacer

Shafts “backlash” to connect in a simple and fast two or more components of a mechanical transmission far between. The size of the extension is customizable to obtain a specific DBSE with different types of locks on the trees. Lengths up to 3 meters without intermediate support.

Compact and rugged.
low inertia.
High torsional stiffness.
Wear-free for lasting reliability.
Flexibility of connection of the hubs on the shafts.
Stretch customizable for a specific DBSE.
Possibility of lengths up to 3 m without the use of intermediate supports.

Products range
Torsionally rigid coupling with spacer «GTR/DBSE»
Backlash free jaw coupling with spacer «in alluminium» «GAS/SG-AL»

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Stop rings
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Components for machines like DIN 705 locking rings, thick washers and threaded ring nuts essential in the assembling to stop, place a bearing or other components, or as stop ledge.

In steel fully turned.
Good surface finishing with edge deburring.
Burnishing or galvanising surface treatments.
Economic and available in stock.

Products range
Unified DIN 705 locking rings and Locking rings with ledge «CFU — CFB»
Locking ring with radial locking and one or two sections «CFBR — CFBR-2»
Turned washer large thickness, conical turned and for rod ends «RLGS — RTC — RTS»
Radial and axial locking nut «GR — GA»
Rigid coupling «GRI»

Variable speed pulleys and motor slide bases

The expandable-disc pulleys (divided into two large families) are the most simple and economic solution for changing rapidly and continuously the rotation speed of two shaft, without having to stop the transmission.

Consisting of two plates sliding symmetrically on a hub, transmits motion to a “fixed” driven pulley with variation ratios up to 1:3.5, by varying the distance between the centres of the two pulleys.

Consists of a pair of pulleys, both with a single mobile disc that makes it possible to vary the speed with a ratio of up to 1:12,3 by varying of the handwheel on the driving pulley.

Good reliability.
Wide selection.
Easy installation.
Highly accurate manufacturing.
“Made in Italy” with certified quality

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