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Cambridge Straight Line Positive Drive Conveyor Belts
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Cambridge’s positive drive belts have custom sprockets to deliver the absolute best tracking and smoothest operation. These low tension, self-tracking belts are perfectly aligned with each application. Available in a wide variety of sizes, pitches and materials, many utilize patented technologies and are USDA certified for food safety.

Cambridge International offers the widest range of metal straight line belt products available from a single manufacturer. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution.  Our straight line metal belts are available for friction drive and sprocket-driven applications such as washing, baking, curing, transferring and freezing.  Mesh styles include balanced in both flattened wire and round wire varieties … self-tracking and compound balanced, among others.

Cambridge Straight Line Friction Drive Conveyor Belts

Cambridge balanced weave belts are the heart and soul of many bakeries and high temperature operations. Our straight-line belts are the optimal choice for friction driven conveyors. With alternating right and left spiral construction and many customizable options, these belts deliver better stability, heavier loads and increased surface area.

Main Applications

  • Automotive

  • Food Processing

  • Packaging

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Cambridge Turn & Spiral Cage Conveyor Belts
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Cambridge spiral cage and turn belts are proven performers in food processing. Our Leading Edge belts are wider, faster and stronger than any product on the market. Designed to process and move baked goods, meat, poultry and prepared foods, Cambridge belts are versatile for light and heavy-duty applications and compatible with all major OEM systems.

Cambridge International offers the widest range of metal belt products available from a single manufacturer. Whatever your requirements – from a simple rods-only belt to achieving the precise balance between open areas and product support – we have the solution.  Long recognized for our leader-ship in the design and manufacture of spiral cage and turn belting for a wide variety of high-performance belt systems, we work closely with you to develop and deliver the best, most effective product solution for each specific application.

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